bradrtorgersen's Journal

I’ve lived half my life in northern Utah, and the other half in the Puget Sound region of Washington State. I’m a full-time nerd for a large healthcare company by day, a part-time Soldier for the U.S. Army on the weekend, and I am a Science Fiction & Fantasy -- SF&F -- writer by night. I have been interracially married almost as long as I’ve been on-line, to a woman I hold closer to my heart than any other person on Earth. She is my love and my light and together we have a young daughter who is the brightness in my every day. My family is my mission and I believe absolutely that no success I attain outside my home can make up for any failures I allow to occur within my home.

I believe in my country, the United States. Warts and all. I am sworn to protect and defend its constitution against all enemies, be they foreign or domestic. I will uphold this oath until retirement from the service, and I will honor the United States flag to my grave. Mine is not a perfect nation, but I don’t need it to be in order for me to be proud of it and its heritage as a world leader.

Living in Seattle I learned that there are people who enjoy shaming you if you wear a uniform or salute the stars and stripes. For these people I reserve nothing but contempt.

Politically I am what might best be described as a classical liberal. I do not subscribe to the two-party system, and I believe both the Republicans and the Democrats are up to their eyeballs in blame for the various problems that beseige us. Ultimately I believe that we as Americans get the government we deserve. Our bloated federal system and the poor leadership that infests it are a direct result of our sloth, as Americans. We have not paid attention. We have not educated ourselves. We have allowed the state to go on auto-pilot, and if anything comes of the next few years, I hope that it is a re-awakening of our people to the realities of certain problems. We cannot remain as a strong and prosperous nation if we, as everyday Americans, do not make certain hard choices. About our lives. About our country. About the sacrifices we’re willing to make in order to remain strong and prosperous. I feel we owe it to all of those American men and women who laid down their lives before us -- to preserve and uphold liberty -- to follow in their considerable footsteps.