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Writer's Block: First and only
Is there a film that you think is perfect in its original form and should never be remade?

John Boorman's EXCALIBUR.

Me in Other Places
I'm not really an LJer per se.  I keep this account active for the purposes of participating in LJ discussion on other peoples' LJ pages.

My commentary, as relating to writing, science fiction, fantasy, and so forth, can be found here:

All my other commentary, as relating to polit(ick!)s, racism and gender issues, general ranting, etc, can be found here:

LiveJournal Fatigue
Milo Bloom
Dear LiveJournal et al,

Are you insane?

No, really.  Are you insane?  Because the little bit of activity I've been involved in on LiveJournal this year leads me to believe that LiveJournal is populated by crazy people.  Or at least, very immature people who subscribe to several logical fallacies at once, and assume what happens at LiveJournal has any impact or bearing on the world outside the computer.

I've never seen any on-line board, group, community, whatever, display such a chronic ability to descend so quickly to the pointless depths of ad hominem froth-mouthed idiocy.

Post something someone doesn't like?  Within short order that someone will rally ten to five hundred "friends" to pile on, like a clown car cavalcade.

My wife is of the opinion that the InterToob is a warped lens, that nobody is REAL on-line.  That the InterToob is a shield, a mask, and a way for people who can't have real social lives to at least pretend they have a social life.

When I see some of the goings-on of LiveJournal, I am forced to agree with my wife.

I know that's not fair to the normal LJ members for whom this forum is a constructive way to keep up with other people and interact with acquaintences and genuine friends.  If you are such a person, this post is not for you.

No.  This post is for the children -- because really, the behavior I've seen can only be described as childish -- who flashmob, who operate with an Ad Populum mentality, who think extreme snark substitutes for actual intellectual content.

I used to get upset whenever anyone made fun of people who spend a lot of time on-line, because I spend a lot of time on-line.

LiveJournal reminds me that, sometimes, stereotypes are earned.

For your consideration, Angie Tempura:


Thank you, SNL, for lampooning that which needs to be lampooned.  LJ, this one's for you!